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Do you have freedom around food and body?

Hello Friends! Happy 4th of July!

In the spirit of celebrating FREEDOM…and because I like to talk all things food and body…

Let me ask, do you have freedom when it comes to food and body?

What does freedom around food and body mean?

First, let’s find out what it's NOT.

It could look or sound like any of these:

  • Obsessing about which foods to eat or not to eat.

  • Constantly feeling tired and you’re tired of being tired.

  • I hate looking at myself in the mirror.

  • I find it hard to go out to eat or to parties when I’m trying to eat healthy, so I just don’t go.

  • I feel like I’m on a never-ending roller coaster of feeling good about my weight, then not. It's exhausting.

  • Why does it seem like everyone has this food and body thing figured out, but me?

  • If I could weigh “XYZ”, then I would be happy.

  • I was told not to eat this food and that food, but those are the food I really love, so screw eating healthy.

These seem far from being free, right?

What if freedom isn’t a destination or an I just need to get there, weigh this or that in order to be happy or be free kind of thing?

What if freedom is already here?

What if it’s accepting all of your challenges just as they are?

Acknowledging that food and body have been hard for you.

Being kind to yourself when you find it hard to look at yourself in the mirror.

Allowing yourself to eat a piece of chocolate cake without judging or shaming yourself.

Feeding your body with nutrient-dense food because it's being kind to your body.

What if these ways of being IS FREEDOM?

And it's just the resistance to what is challenging that causes disharmony.

What if it can be that easy to experience freedom?

What if you just need to allow yourself to be open to experiencing freedom?

Right now. Not later. Not when you weigh the perfect amount. Not when you got your things together. Right now.

Remember its practice. Just like those biceps or endurance your building in the gym. We don't build the bicep in one day, one week, one month. It takes time, consistency, discipline, willingness, commitment, courage...lots of courage.

Know that you are way bigger and more powerful than ANY challenge you're experiencing right now.

If you're tired of feeling imprisoned and want to feel FREE, reach out to me.

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