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A love letter to my little guy

Dear sweet Jett –

I miss you little man. You are such a large piece of my fabric, that now solely lives in my heart. After 15.5 years, your time here on Earth has ended, and now you’re back with Sister Brylee girl, running around wild and free. 

Sweet boy, I am beyond grateful to have been your human mommy. Thank you for choosing me to be my teacher. My greatest lesson was, you let me realize that I actually do have the capacity to love and you made that really easy for me. You also taught me that you don’t have to please anyone and the people that love you, will because they just do. That’s how you lived, and I noticed, thank you. You protected your younger bigger sister to your best abilities and did your best to keep up with her til her end. You did so many things other pugs wouldn’t even dream of you went running with me, ran trails, climbed high mountains, and still went up the mountains at times in a backpack when you weren’t able to keep up as got older. You were so special.

These last two years since Bry has been gone you became my sidekick. You went from a spitfire to a docile soul whom you allowed me to care for. You rode around in your seat while I drove all over the city doing my errands, sat in the car patiently waiting for me, and then welcomed me back with the cutest expressions of love. Once you realized you couldn’t walk like you once did, you learned to trust I wasn’t far to help you when you fell, thank you for trusting me. I know you didn’t appreciate me showing everyone that you weren’t as mobile by trying to have you ride in a wagon, but I wanted you to come on walks with me, and til the very last day, eating was by far you favorite part of the day. I will miss you and all those moments. They will live in my heart, and I will access them often sweet boy, thank you.

I wish you could live with me forever, but our vet said it best…our pets already know what unconditional love is, so they have less time here on earth and are here to help the humans learn what it is and how to live it. This is the absolute truth and I’m so grateful you helped me learn this.

One of the things I was scared of when I lost my hair is that you wouldn’t remember who I was, but you never blinked an eye, thank you.

Thank you for being you sweet boy. Thank you for letting me care for you, thank you for always loving me, letting me kiss and hug you, letting me dance with you, letting me put costumes on you, and just being perfect for me. God had a plan for you and me and it played out perfectly.

Enjoy being with your sister, being pain free, and back to being a loving spitfire at heart. I love you little man, Jetty, Bub, Cowboy, Booba, pants, mano, Mister, my love. I love you. Bye for now sweet boy.

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