"Sometimes the most uncomfortable learning is the most powerful."

-Brene Brown

Hi! I'm Deana Lansing and I'm so glad that you stopped by!
I am a health coach and I help women who desire change, whether it's losing weight or gaining energy by transforming their bodies and minds without diet or deprivation so they can look and perform better than ever!
I do this through a holistic approach to support people who are struggling to take charge of their mental, emotional, and physical well-being. I work one-on-one with my clients and I help establish what foods are right for them, teach them how to mindfully eat, learn ways to reduce stress, cultivate self-love, and to feel more empowered by the choices they make. 
You deserve a life that you feel excited about and that inspires you to make these changes. We all deserve to feel happy, joyful, and confident in our lives! 
If you or someone you know has these desires then visit my Coaching Programs page or Contact Me to set up your FREE Discovery Session! 

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"As I started working with Deana, I realized that the lifestyle decisions that I was making were more focused on others and not taking care of myself. As I began taking care of myself first I have realized that I can offer so much more to those who I am serving including my family, friends and students.....I feel beautiful and I feel amazing!" -Denise R. 

"I've been getting coached by Deana for over a year and it seems as though accomplishing goals is becoming the norm. She is an excellent listener and as a result asks questions appropriate to me and my life. Deana is kind, considerate and shows me how to make and keep my success inevitable. Thanks for everything Deana!" Susan W.