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Would you sacrifice your image?

I heard this quote the other day and want to share it with you, too.

“At one point in your life, you will be given the choice to sacrifice your image to find out who and what you truly are or you can sacrifice who and what you truly are and go to the grave grabbing onto what you never were.”

I don't know about you, but I don't want to go to my grave holding onto a false image or wishing I did something that yearned and burned in my heart.

What are the things that you tell yourself that stop you from having what you truly desire?

Here are a few examples of what I hear from people...

  • When I get (in shape, lose weight, have experience) then I will start

  • I've tried before and it didn't work

  • It's just not my destiny to have that

  • I'm scared to try, because what if it doesn't work

  • I will do those things when I retire

  • Not enough money

  • Not enough time

Do these sound familiar?

They do to me, too. These are things my brain tells me too...

Do you know that any desire that you have, whether it's...

  • to be healthy

  • to be a certain weight

  • to be peaceful, free, joyful

  • to be in a loving relationship

  • to be confident

  • to have more energy

  • to be doing work you love

  • to love yourself and your body

...are POSSIBLE and available for you.

You see making changes can sometimes be hard, but it gets easier just like anything you start doing.

Your brain will ALWAYS tell you otherwise.

And, nope, you don't have to be a gym person, a health nut, a meditation guru, a spiritual person, a religious person, a yogi, etc.

The truth is that you get to be you. Yep, you don't have to try and be anything different than what and who you already are.

We just need to address the thoughts that keep you from knowing that.

Personally, I have to address these thoughts EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

It's worth it to me, so I choose not to take a day off.

My life is worth it and there have been times when it hasn't been.

When I don't address these thoughts, they tell me life is too hard and it's not worth it.

You deserve to have what you truly desire and to be who you truly are.

If you desire to be more healthful, whether it's to lose weight or reclaim your personal energy, learn to love yourself, I can help you. I help create a customized plan that turns your food and body experience from one of stress and strife to insight and ease.

Remember, I'm on this journey with you.

XO Deana

A once-trained Division I athlete, and police officer, now turned trained certified nutritionist, health/life coach, and personal trainer. I am a master-in-training for being the space for myself to learn and grow and know the absolute truth of who I am. I am whole, healthy, abundant, love, and free…so are you. I forget this sometimes and that’s perfectly okay. I get to remember and forget and remember…for the rest of my life.


Healthful Tip

Do you feel overwhelmed and annoyed when you hear that you “should” be eating organic foods? I get it. There is so much information out there.

I personally eat organic foods, but I don’t eat everything organic. My strategy is based on the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) food lists, published each year to inform us about pesticide residue in food. Each year they conduct a study to determine the "Dirty Dozen" and "Clean 15". Here is the 2023 Dirty Dozen: (These are the ones to buy organic)

Dirty Dozen



Kale, Collard & mustard greens






Bell & hot peppers



Green beans

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