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Forgiveness made easy

"The Light will someday split you open; even if your life is now a cage." - Hafiz

Forgiveness is a tool I've learned about in a whole new way over the past year that's made a huge difference in my life.

It wasn't that I didn't want to forgive, it just wasn't a part of my life and I didn't understand the impact that it could have.

And when I really thought about it there were a whole lot of people that I had grudges against, resented, was disappointed in, upset at, and annoyed at.

There were also people who I know I have hurt.

And, the one I've hurt the most...Me.

When we attack someone else, we are ultimately attacking and hurting ourselves.

It's like the saying goes, "not forgiving someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die."

So, I'd like to share the formula I learned that makes forgiving easy...

It's called the Ho'oponopono Prayer. You can say it out loud or to yourself.

I'm sorry: I'm so sorry that I have held these hurtful beliefs about you as being less than innocent.

Please forgive me: Forgive me for my part in this agreement that keeps you and I stuck.

Thank you: Thank you for helping me see what's inside me because if I didn't have you I can't see what's inside of me.

I Love You: I love you because that IS all I am and all you are, and that's all we ever will be...

I'm sorry

Please forgive me

Thank You

I Love You

I use this prayer ALL the time. I use it when I have a judgment about myself or someone else. I use it when I behave in a way that is not desired or if someone else behaves in a way I think is undesirable.

Being able to forgive has uncovered the freedom that was there all along.

Try it out and see if it helps you have a new perspective on a situation.

So much love to you,




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I am a master-in-training for being the space for myself to learn and grow and know the absolute truth of who I am. I am whole, healthy, abundant, love, and free…so are you. I forget this sometimes and that’s perfectly okay. I get to remember and forget and remember…for the rest of my life. So far I've played the role of an athlete, police officer, health coach, and nutritionist and mostly I desire to help others on this amazing journey called Life.

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